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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Alfa Romeo "Alfetta" No Juliet............ Euro Trash Edition

Just another quickee............... found this last summer in sweltering San Jose.... looks to be a mid 70's Alfetta............ please feel free to comment! Like I have said, I can spot the cool cars, but my Alfa knowledge is lacking to say the least! Alfetta sounds like some sort of "junior" or maybe a good cheese...... Any info, folks? C'mon, lets make this a little interactive here......

Appears this car was in some sort of flood, or had sat outside a looooong time....had a lot of growth on it, and the interior definitely smelled like teen spirit....... but the body was reasonably clean...of course...but they still threw it away like a used paper towel...... so sad.



  1. From memory (too lazy to goto Wikipedia), these have a transaxle, i.e. the gearbox is at the rear, to make for slightly better weight distribution.

    Not sure of the origins of the Alfetta name, but was on some pretty ferocious Alfa race cars (kinda equivalent to F1) in the 30s or thereabouts.

  2. My gosh, Ira, I wish I could save this. These were, IMHO, Alfa's best-looking sedan bodystyle since the Giulia Super. The 1750 and 2000 were ugly in comparison to the clean lines of this car, and unfortunately, people are passing these up in favor of the far less attractive 1750 and 2000 berlinas.

    "Alfetta" refers to the straight-eight powered race car that Alfa fielded from 1938 to 1951, and the 1970s Alfetta was named after the race car since it also had a rear-mounted transaxle. The Alfetta of the 1930s was better known as the 158 or 159.

    Wikipedia article:

  3. I'm from Eurpe, love Alfas, thats a car with the traditional layout, front engine rear wheel drive, and it has an engine with a double camshaft, line 4, and normally double wwber, or solex carbs. I guess thats an engine type from alfa caled the "Nord" engine. Loves to rev, its angry, and you have the feeling you've got 300 honest horses under your bonnet. Lovley machine, It would be worth to restore it.

  4. Noooo, not another early Alfetta lost... that's a '75-'77, I take it it's gone by now?

  5. I wish I wasn't some insigificant 15 year old kid....all these fucking rare, and they're gone.
    All hope is lost.

  6. Do you know if this car is available for purchase? How bout parts?

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  8. They can use those cars to suiting spot.

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