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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Late Night Specials...... Shelby Charger, Yellow CVCC, & Yugo "Pocket Rocket"

Just a few more random pics before I turn in..... These cars were from last summer, by now they're chopped up & melted into tomato sauce cans........... Shelby Charger...... this spunky little guy wasn't giving up easy, still had a pissy stance - albeit two feet in the air! Not sure on the year, probably mid 80's? Broke my heart to leave behind the MINT leather seats...... almost like they had been replaced.

Also, and for reasons I can't explain, a near perfect CVCC...... you might walk by this on the street, but it looked out of place in the yard..... like some wanker forklift driver pulled it out of the customer parking lot as a prank.....

FYI - a lot of the damage you see on the cars is a result of the forklifts & pre-handling - these guys FLY around the yards at 25 mph on HUGE forklifts - I'll get some video of them in action!

And lastly, another Yugo..... Why is this the car that everybody emails about?




  1. Yugo is crap!:D I know, have driven one!

  2. Aww man I love those little hondas!