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Friday, January 8, 2010

Richmond Classic Car Wall of Treasure: Complete with Bullet Holes!

So here we go again.... This time we'll take a look at a "wall of cars" guarding the perimeter of a vintage yard in Richmond, Ca. Most of the time the cars I shoot are in self-service yards, and once they're in the system, that's it - they usually have a lifespan of about two or three weeks - a month or two at best - before being crushed...... and you can't buy the whole car. This yard appears to be more traditional, looks like they stack the cars like cord wood until a lucky orphan gets to go home....... hopefully to a full rotisserie resto job!

This yard skirts some of the toughest neighborhoods in the bay area, surprising is the minimal amount of damage..... the Fiat must have pissed off somebody, as he took a few shots to the windshield.... probably a snide remark to the Caprice just down the row.

See how many cars you can identify - I have an idea on most of them, but some still have me scratching my head.... and look close, you can see a second row of roof lines in the background...

It was only fitting that as I was shooting the last pics, the sun was setting on these fine old guys & gals once again........ the Dodge van was posted up to watch over his flock for yet another night......

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  1. An early Spitfire,a round-light 2002 or 1600, a Jensen-Healey, an Alfetta, two suicide-door Lincolns, a bug, a Fiat 600, and a Dodge A100: I wish I had the room for all these!

  2. Hi,those cars are for sale,can be restored to ride again?

  3. Yep.... I believe they can be purchased.

    1. The vintage travel trailer (the one used as your profile picture ) was purchased several years ago by a relative of mine and is currently under restoration.

  4. what is the phone number of the junkyard in Richmond

  5. Deal Auto Wrecking.. always look at it on my way to the Richmond dump. Go put a relic back on the road men / women.

    Deal Auto Wrecking LLC
    400 W Gertrude Ave
    Richmond, CA 94801

  6. I think my dad would love to have one. What are the price range? I am thinking of getting him a truck or a car, but I think he'd love this more. I'd be waiting for your response. More power to you!

  7. Does existe any MAZDA RX3 Coupe ?

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  10. i hope they could be saved.

  11. Yeah! I hope these beautiful cars would be saved! They are too precious now just to be left there rusting. They just need restoration to bring it back to life. my sister just had her Gran Torino from a car dealer (Indianapolis). And the car looks great and the engine is as good as well. I hope someone would pick them up from the junk yard and revive them. You see vintage is the new trend today. Car dealerships In Indianapolis, Indiana understands that people are very much into fashion that's why they maintain very well the condition of their hip vintage cars.

  12. This is a great article, that yard is full of all sorts of treasure, jeez. I would love to visit!

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  13. i just drove by this the greatest junk yard n the USA today. the 1949 Buick Roadmaster Convertible was the car my father got married in. today is feb 25, 2013 so i guess these cars have been untouched in the stack for a few years. i am glad your eye picked this row of cars!! what a treat!!

  14. JULY 2014
    I drove by last week...only about 60 cars left,new stuff,somebody's been "cleaning up"

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  16. I was there some years ago and fell in love with the crazy 1949 Buick and this close of saving it. Sadly a year later I acme back and everything was gone. Does somebody know if the Buick was saved/ bought or junked???