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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Near Perfect VW Diesel Caddy Trapped in the San Jose Ca Yard!

Well, not a lot going on today..... Came across this almost pristine VW Caddy where it shouldn't be: At one of the yards in San Jose. One always wonders how cars like this end up here - could be towing due to tickets, registration, or good ol' gettin your drunk on........ or a lot of time it's the infamous not-passin-the-smog-test-idus that we Californians have to deal with....

But that's not the case with this clean ass truck - it's a Diesel! And sitting right next to it - another rabbit Diesel! Odd thing with this truck is that it looks to be freshly painted - and there was a box o' parts inside the cab... which was pretty clean itself. Looks like someone put a lot of work into it recently. Hmmmmm.... another mystery.

What I would do: drop the greasy french fry motor and slip in a nice fresh 16V or even a VR6....... NO SMOG TEST NEEDED! Add some GLI Recaros and your done!

Mark I parts are common here, gives me the urging to embark on (yet another) project.....

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  1. Perfect base for Cult tuning. That car would be fuckin expensiv in Germany. Please save the grill, and put it on ebay! Or the whole Car!

  2. I pulled the grille & the tailgate......

  3. is that thing still around? I have an identical truck

  4. hey can i have th contact number for the guy who owns the junkyard?? i need parts for my truck..